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Altruism means the opposite of egoism. Acting for the good of the whole, we are one.

Altruismus e.V. unites all active people in an altruistic network. The association sees itself as the central networking point for all social projects that serve the common good.


Bicycle Workshop

In cooperation with the Adalbert Raps Foundation, the association opened a social bicycle workshop. A place to help people help themselves. Joint bike tours are pending. Register now.

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Good Wood Field

Owner Mohammed Nasser, With a lot of thanks to Mohammed Nasser, the altruism association lives and grows on Gut Holzfeld as an association base. Permaculture: In cooperation with SolaWi in Edlendorf and the LEBENDIUM HOF, we acquire knowledge about permaculture and lay the foundations for sustainable agriculture.

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Growing Forests Program

The ALTRUISMUS Verein is committed to planting another 2 billion trees over the next 10 years as part of a broader approach to nature-based climate solutions.

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Forest Learning Groups

Since 2019 we have been working on the opening of a forest kindergarten in cooperation and support of the municipality and the city of Schwarzenbach / Saale. Here, up to 20 children between 3 and 6 years of age should be cared for every day under professional supervision. So far, there have been weekly forest days for viewing. Extracurricular learning groups for schoolchildren, mixed-age groups and with family and parent participation, we learn and discover connections and hiccups in nature.

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Federal Voluntary Service

In order to be able to perceive community as a group process, to learn new things, to work effectively and sustainably for social projects, we have various areas in which BFD students can be active: agriculture, work with children and young people, bicycle workshop, media area.

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Altruismus e.V. exclusive pushing the scene skateboard program, "Leave No Children Behind, Without a Skateboard". With skateboarding growing in popularity in the world today, and with the sport competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for the 1st time in history, it will get really hot for our skateboarding communities!

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Culture makes you strong

In the years 2020 to 2021, the cultural and educational landscape in Germany has lost a remarkable amount of diversity. With the help of this project, Altruismus eV made a dream come true for itself and the children in our community this summer. Because we humans need to be heard and seen, we have activated a large part of our network to express this need together. This resulted in a “Courage - Make Film”, which takes the view of the children who have proven themselves to be true heroes during the crisis. Experience a journey through the senses, in a Corona summer, in which our children claim their natural rights.

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Altruismus e.V. is a unique organization whose main goals are only to support and enrich our local and international communities. We mainly focus on sustainable projects in the areas of: environment, health, education and community.

Being altruistic is what we naturally do like all humans and we always appreciate good help with our existing projects. If you want to implement such projects for your community, we are happy to support you. Just send us an email inquiry and together we can really make a difference for our community

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Together we create an altruistic network for the benefit of all. Small drops together make up an ocean. We look forward to seeing you.

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