Forest learning groups

"It takes a whole village to raise children" (Thai proverb)

In February 2019 the idea arose to found a state-approved Tiny House forest kindergarten. Year-round care in a tiny house like the one we intended and in the forest has not yet existed in the region. With the forest kindergarten we recognize the responsibility and needs of families and offer a basis for combining work, profession, children and nature.

With the forest kindergarten we want to create a framework in which families can live mindfully with one another and in nature. We understand learning as a never-ending process, and we see even the smallest and their needs on an equal footing.

The forest area is located in the district of Hof in the Fichtelgebirge region directly on Gut Holzfeld, where the Altruism Association is also based. The region is characterized by traditional agriculture and forestry.

Two campaigns are currently running on the Internet to realize our plans to open the forest kindergarten.



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